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Magda Stewart
Jan 28, 2024

It is time for another #MedicMonday. Today we would like to introduce another wonderful member of our team, Senior Paramedic Magda Stewart! Magda is currently on a temporary shift and soon returning to "B" Shift where she will be based out of the southern station in Chesapeake City.

How long have you been with Cecil County/Local 4645?: Approximately 7.5 years.

How did you get started in EMS?:

"That’s a very long and crazy long story. But to make it short, I started EMS by total accident back in 2008 as a para-transit driver. I quickly moved up to EMT and Paramedic in 2013. I've worked in DE, PA and landed in my home county with DES."

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?:

"I feel like this job is a mixture of passion and poison, which you just become addicted to! There are a lot of rewarding things to this kind work. We find ourselves in a variety of crazy situations, both happy and sad. We work under extreme circumstances and pressure yet find satisfaction in our work. It makes us feel great to help people, make them feel better, and occasionally, save lives. Often that simple hug, genuine smile makes it all worth it. I hope one day when I retire, I can look back and think that I have made a positive impact on some people’s life and I’ve made them different in a positive way. This job has humbled me very much and I’ve learned from it many other things about life, besides skills.

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself?:

"Too many to list! I think anyone who works in this field is incredibly unique in a way. It takes a special individual to perform this type of work. I’m originally from Poland. I’ve been in the US since 2004 and I've had a very long journey behind me. So naturally my primary language is Polish."

Tell us about yourself outside of work? (i.e. Hobbies, Interests, etc):

Outside of work, I'm just an ordinary wife and mother. I have a husband and two awesome kids who I'm crazy about. I run a small business doing permanent makeup. When I'm not working, I love to spend time with family on trips, hiking, or enjoying the holidays, like Christmas, my favorite holiday!

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